Is Your Garage Door Ready For The Summer?

With the winter saying good bye and the warm summers on its way, it is about time that we all pay attention to the maintenance needs of our garage doors. The harsh and cold weather leave its mark on the garage doors and it is important to take care of all the repairs if any. Don’t forget the interior maintenance of your garage door either. The garage door hardware might look fine on the surface but carryout out a detailed inspection and maintenance of all the parts will save you a lot of bucks on a longer run. Below are some tips that will help you get your garage door ready for this summer.


  1. Cleaning
    We all know what kind of stuff is kept in the garages, it’s usually the unwanted machinery or dirty and greasy tools. Garage doors when exposed to all of the dirty elements within or outside the garage, it becomes dirty too. Make sure that you wash the garage door from both inside of the garage as well as the outside. You can use car wax to give it a shining finish.
    If you own a wooden garage door, it is important to inspect any sort of rotting or deterioration of the wood. Repainting the surface and applying a water sealant on your wooden garage door will effectively prolong its life as well as give it a beautiful look. In case of a steel garage door, make sure it’s not rusting and if you happen to find any rust, sandblast it and then repaint the surface with zinc primer and it’s good to go.
  2. Lubrication
    Lubrication of all the moving parts of a garage door like the springs, rollers, tracks and the weather-stripping is very important. Make sure that you use lubricants that are dedicated for garage door usage. You can run down to local hardware store and easily find one. Make sure you don’t use a lot of lubricant during the process because that will lead to the accumulation of dirt and dust which will further increase the resistance and cause the wearing of the moving parts.
  3. Inspect the Bolts
    Walk along the garage door panel inspecting all of the bolts and if you find any loose bolt then simply tighten it with a wrench. Make sure the bolts on the tracks are reasonably tight and are ensuring safe operation.Garage door repair berwyn, IL.

Everything About Garage Door Torsion Springs

One of the main hardware parts that ensure the smooth opening and closing of your garage door are the torsional springs. Below is everything that you would want to know about the importance of these parts in your garage door operation and the way they influence the lifecycle of the garage door. We will also discuss the methods of repairing them. Garage door repair crystal lake, il.

Torsion Springs

Working of Torsion Springs

The basic function of these springs, like any other spring that you might come across, is to store elastic potential energy by the rotation or twisting of the springs. Because of their dense material built, torsion springs are capable of storing a lot more energy as compared to the regular springs. These springs are mostly installed horizontally on the upper side of the garage door. During the closing of the door, the cables that are attached with the bottom corners of the door tend to pull the springs to wind them up hence energizing the whole system. On the opening of the doors, the springs tend to unwind and the energy stored in them is transferred to lift up the door so the door can be opened easily. Garage door repair company in Addison, IL.

Like any other spring, torsional springs are also prone to lose their elasticity over an extensive period of service. As the time passes, the steel in the springs start becoming weak and the weight of the garage door starts to become heavier for their service and they can break at any moment and the door will be closed. Extreme weather condition and rust can also affect the functionality of these springs but at an average, normal garage door springs serve more than 10,000 cycles and can last up to 7 years. Garage door repair evanston, il Operating your garage door 4-5 times a day for each day of the year can still let you use the torsional springs installed in your garage door for a really long time.

Maintaining or repair the torsion sprigs is also as important as the maintenance of the rest of the garage door hardware. You can always call us for any sort of torsion repair or the installation of new ones.Source: Garage Door Repair Schaumburg, IL

Useful Tips For Organizing a Garage

A lot of people get that feeling that their garage can never be organized. Undesired equipment, clothing, bicycles, office stuff, gardening stuff and a lot of other stuff that make a pile in your garage can drag you in to a deep depression when it comes to clean up that mess.

It doesn’t matter how big of a garage you own, it is never enough because everything we store in there is done because it’s the garage, it can store anything, it can hide anything that you don’t otherwise want to be seen in your living room, the clothes you “might” use in the next season and all that stuff that you “might” ever need again, it all stacks up in your garage. We understand how frustrating the idea of cleaning and organizing your garage can be that is why we have come up with a couple of helpful tips that will let you do your job more efficiently.

  1. Installing suspended shelves will allow you to use the space above the place your vehicle will be parked. You can stack up your holiday decorations or any other thing that you know that you’re going to use the next season. It can be your clothes as well.
  2. Separate all the gardening tools, electric equipment and other hardware so you can easily access them anytime of the day you want and they don’t run around in the garage taking up any unnecessary space. You can store all your flower seeds in a box or drawer and let your tools hand on the wall board for an easy access. Make sure that the tools are high enough so they are out of the reach of your children. Garage Door Repair in Glen Ellyn, IL.
  3. You can use a magnet strip to mount your entire hardware tools on the wall and can make a tape station out of wood with different widths to store all of the tape rolls that can otherwise never be found when needed.
  4. All of the used kitchen containers, like peanut butter and Nutella containers, can be used for storing different sizes of screws, nuts, bolts, nail and other similar stuff for an easy access.
  5. Source: Garage Door Repair Carol Stream